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The Toyoda Gosei Group strives to become : "a true global supplier of choice that delivers happiness to customers all over the world."
What we aspire to become
A true global supplier of choice that delivers happiness to customers all over the world
The TG Group strives to become the best partner in the fields of high-polymer and optoelectronic products that bring happiness to customers all over the world, with a view toward advancing global motorization and realizing a low-carbon and recycling-oriented society.
Main pillars of activity
1. Establishment of robust manufacturing sites that will emerge victorious from global competition
  • Securing excellent quality that spreads the global circle of TG fans
  • Developing new materials and engineering methods that make possible overwhelmingly superior yet moderately priced products
  • Constructing worker-friendly production processes and environmentfriendly plants
The principle
Construction of best in the region manufacturing sites, the merits of which will be horizontally deployed on a global scale
2. Development of absolutely unrivaled technologies for environmental conservation, energy saving, and safety systems
  • Creating new products that facilitate the popularization of HVs, PHVs, EVs and low-cost compact cars
  • Perfecting our LED technologies to take the lead in the global lighting market
  • Developing new technologies, including those for recycling and reducing dependence on oil
The principle
Anticipation of customer needs to be the first to deliver the latest value
3. Consolidation of our business foundations in growing markets and fields with growth potential throughout the world
  • Establishing sales and engineering systems that are customeroriented and community-based
  • Building globally optimal systems of procurement, production and delivery
  • Expanding our business scope in emerging countries in cooperation with our partners
The principle
Refinement of the quality of our work from the customer's perspective and from the viewpoint of global optimization
Human resource : The key to our activity
Development of global human resources and utilization of the collective strength of the TG Group
  • Developing professional personnel equipped with a high level of expertise and a broader point of view
  • Enhancing our capabilities to respond to region-specific challenges by assigning diverse, talented people from across the globe
  • Practicing complementary human resource management and teamwork in ways that transcend the boundaries of regions and business units
The mindset
Having the courage of challenge to change and getting into the habit of active communication

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