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Activities for the Betterment of Society

A spirit of compassion for a better future.

Toyoda Gosei works with local communities to create a better society for all. We focus our efforts in the four areas of social welfare, environmental preservation, youth development, and community crime prevention.
We will continue to bring this spirit of compassion to all our activities and help to create a more humane society.

■The four areas of our social service and volunteer activities

Social Welfare Environmental Preservation Youth Development Community Crime Prevention

Volunteer mark
Volunteer Logo
Our volunteer logo consists of four hearts joined together as a four-leaf clover, representing “you,” “me,” “the community” and “society.”
We use this logo in our volunteer activities to encourage unity among participants.

Volunteer Support System

■Training in Service to Society

The company conducts service to society training to cultivate employees’ sense of compassion through volunteer activities. As part of their company training, new employees carry out sports exchanges and manufacturing workshops together with people with disabilities.

■Volunteer Award System

This system aims to boost employee motivation and widen the circle of volunteers.