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We have assembled a diverse product portfolio by bui1ding on focused strengths.

Our technology makes automobiles and other products more valuable in many ways: Interior and exterior products, mainly items for making vehicles more attractive, convenient, and comfortable; automotive sealing, principally weatherstrip; functional parts, such as hoses, caps, and covers; safety systems, namely airbags; optoelectronics, consisting of light-emitting diodes for automotive and non-automotive applications; and plastic items for various industrial and consumer products.
Underlying our growing market share in each product category are carefully nurtured technologies. Our pioneering work in light-emitting diodes, for example, has spawned new possibilities in illumination and instrumentation. Products in all our business categories benefit from special strengths in compounding, molding, and combining high-polymer resins, rubber, and other materials.
Market share is a decisive strategic consideration as globalization makes unprecedented economies of scale both possible and necessary. We are a world leader in important products, such as weatherstrip, brake hoses, air bags, and blue light-emitting diodes. And we are working systematically to expand our global market share in those and other items.

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