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We started mass-producing driver front airbags in 1989. We then focused our attention on the development of front passenger airbags, and side torso airbags and side curtain airbags, which are designed to protect the passengers in a side collision. We went on to develop knee airbags to protect the passengers' knees and legs, rear curtain airbags to protect the rear passengers' heads in a rear collision, and rear-seat center airbags to reduce the impact of a collision between rear passengers. We have developed airbags that can be fitted throughout a car to protect passengers in collisions from different angles. We are now employing our global network of 5 domestic production bases and 14 overseas production bases to supply markets. As a future task, we will aggressively pursue technological development to meet the requirements of emerging markets. To help reduce traffic fatalities, we will also introduce effective collision preventive measures including airbags for protecting pedestrians and develop technology that can be combined with pre-crash systems.
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