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Company History

Major events
1949 Nagoya Rubber Co., Ltd. is established as a spin-off of the rubber research division of Toyota Motor Industry Co., Ltd.
1957 Haruhi Plant begins operation
1967 Inazawa Plant begins operation
1973 Company name is changed to Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.
1976 Morimachi Plant begins operation
1977 US Office is established in Illinois
1978 Company is listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange
1980 Headquarters is relocated to present location (Kiyosu, Aichi Prefecture)
1982 Bisai Plant begins operation
1985 Capital participation in Tai-yue Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd.
Company wins Deming Prize for Total Quality Management
1986 TG Missouri Corporation is established
1997 Company obtains ISO 9001
Present Kitajima Technical Center is completed
1999 Company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Company obtains ISO 14001
Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation is established
2000 Toyoda Gosei Europe N.V. is established
2001 Toyoda Gosei Asia Co., Ltd. is established
2005 ISO/TS16949 certification
2006 Toyoda Gosei (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is established
2008 Toyoda Gosei Minda India Pvt. Ltd. is established
2009 Miwa Technical Center is established
2013 Toyoda Gosei East Japan Co.,Ltd. is established
GDBR Industria e Comercio de Componentes Quimicos e de Borracha Ltda. is established
2014 Toyoda Gosei Irapuato Mexico, S.A. de C.V. is established
2016 Toyoda Gosei Minda India Pvt. Ltd. Bawal Plant begins operation
2018 Toyoda Gosei Minda India Pvt. Ltd. Gujarat Plant begins operation
PT Toyoda Gosei Indonesia is established
2019 Hubei Toyoda Gosei Zheng Ao Rubber And Plastic Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. is established
Toyoda Gosei Haiphong Co., Ltd. Thai Binh Plant begins operation
2020 Inabe Plant begins operation
2021 TAPEX Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. Monterrey Plant begins operation
2022 Toyoda Gosei East Japan Co., Ltd. Ohira Plant begins operation
Development of main technologies and products
1950 Weatherstrips
1953 Brake hoses
1954 Production technology for plastic injection steering wheels
1959 Sponge rubber automatic molding technology
1960 PP steering wheels
1961 Piston cups
1963 Flocked glass runs
1964 Plastic-plated products
1967 Plastic radiator grilles
1974 Full instrument panels
1977 Constant velocity joint boots
1978 PP bumpers
1982 Sound insulat ing glass runs
Plastic fuel filler caps
1986 Start of R&D for blue LEDs
1989 Low-noise resistors
Steering wheels with built-in airbags
1991 Success in development of blue LEDs is certified
1995 Mass production of blue LEDs
1997 New rubber recycling technology
1998 Curtain airbags
2000 Noise absorbing air intake ducts
2001 White LEDs
2002 Driver-side knee airbags
2003 Two-color molded opening trims
Millimeter wave compatible emblems
2004 White side view packages
2007 Long-life white side view packages
Start of R&D for e-Rubber
2008 Plastic fuel filler pipes
Rear-end impact airbags
2009 Rear-seat center airbags
2010 Lightweight opening trim weatherstrips
Start of R&D for GaN power semiconductors
2011 Large radiator grilles
LEDs for room and space lighting
2012 Pop-up hood actuators
Mult i-chip package LEDs
2014 Plastic water pipes
Profs. Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano (Toyoda Gosei technical advisors) receive Nobel Prize in Physics
2015 Capless fuel fillers
Steering wheels with warning function
LEDs for high-efficiency lighting; Glass-encapsulated ultraviolet LEDs
2016 Solar LEDs
2017 Development of glass runs for flush surface door
Development of large radiator grilles
Development of steering wheels with grip sensor, new type of side airbag
2018 Development of air conditioner registers with LED lighting
2019 Development of plastic turbo ducts
Development of battery cases
Development with EBM Corp. of the SupeR BEAT heart surgery simulator that uses e-Rubber
2020 Development of extra-large spindle grilles
Development of high pressure hydrogen tanks
UV-C (deep UV) LEDs are confirmed to be highly effective in inactivating the novel coronavirus
UV-C space disinfectors are launched
UV-C high-speed surface disinfectors are launched
2021 Development of cutoff valves with new structure
Development of driver-side airbags with new structure
Development of pedestrian protection airbags
2022 Development of lightweight oil pumps