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Corporate Information

Management Philosophy

Boundless Creativity and Social Contribution

1Good corporate citizenship
We, as a good corporate citizen, contribute to the economy and society through community-based business activities and social action programs.
2Proper business operation
We promote business operations with integrity through the establishment of a system founded on thorough compliance and corporate ethics.
3Sustainable growth
We aim to build up the TG Group's collective strength through an open and fair relationship with suppliers, through a mutually strengthened corporate structure and innovative management response to change.
4Customer Satisfaction
We aim to provide products and services with satisfying quality and price in a timely manner, through forward-looking R&D and production engineering.
5Conservation of global environment and resources
We aim to conserve the global environment and resources in order to hand down a greener world to our children through every business activity, which includes cooperation with society and the development of an environment-friendly product and manufacturing process.
6Respect for the individual
We aim to establish a vibrant corporate culture through respect for individuality and the value of enhanced teamwork, based on shared responsibility and mutual trust between employees and management.