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Basic procurement policy

1. Optimum global procurement

In the process of procuring product materials, products and parts, production equipment, dies/molds and other goods needed for our business, we conduct comprehensive assessments of suppliers from a global perspective. This includes quality, cost, volume/delivery, technology, and the supplier’s attitude to continuous improvement. We do our utmost to make purchases in a fair and open manner.
We also welcome proposals from suppliers for new technologies and methods and new products.

2. Mutual growth based on mutual trust

We want to grow together with our business partners through dealings based on a long-term vision. To this end we work to build strong relationships of trust through close communication with suppliers.

3. Thorough environmental protection and legal compliance

We do our utmost to ensure environmental protection and legal compliance in all our development, design, and production activities. In procurement we follow the principles of purchasing items with minimal environmental impact and conducting our activities in ways that reduce environmental impacts.
We also exercise extreme care for full legal compliance and confidentiality in relation to our procurement activities.