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The fabric and leather used in the airbags
and steering wheels of the cars
we drive must pass very strict inspections,
in which even a tiny bit of dirt or
a spot of fraying causes rejection.
Previously, materials rejected in these inspections were
discarded as industrial waste.

This seemed to wasteful to us,
and we wondered
if there wasn't something
we could do.

This is how the Re-S ecobrand was born, using the remnants of materials from our product manufacturing lines.
"Re" is a prefix meaning "again," used in words such as "re-use" or "reborn,"
and indicates our environmentally-friendly activities. The "S" stands for "sustainability."
Our currently lineup consists of more than 10 different kinds of products, including bags made of airbag fabric remnants and pen cases of leather remnants.
We are also actively working with other companies or organizations to develop collaborative products.

■ Inquiries about featured products

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. SDG Product Office

■ List of stores where these products are sold

  • ・Y Shop, Inazawa Ekimae Entrio Store
  • ・Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
  • ・Toyota Automobile Museum
  • ・Toyota Kaikan Museum
  • ・Tokyu Hands Nagoya, 10th floor "Men's Study"

■Collaborative product sales locations

  • ・Hanshin Koshien Stadium Products sold: Hanshin Tigers printed tote bag
  • ・Nanba Grand Kagetsu Shop Products sold: Milk Boy collaborative color tote bag Navy/green