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Toyoda Gosei is a top manufacturer of rubber and plastic autom otive parts and LEDs,with global operations by 67 group companies in 18 countries and regions.

We are undertaking a variety of activities to earn the trust of society, focusing on the four main areas of “Environmental preser vation,” “Development of people and workplaces that support our business,” “Building livable communities,” and “Compliance.”

For environmental preservation, we work hard as a manufacturer specializing in the rubber and plastic fields to develop products that contribute to lighter weight vehicles. At the same time, we are promoting efforts for a low energy society through all our business activities, from purchasing to manufacturing and delivery. In February 2016 we established the “TG 2050 Environmental Challenge” as an expression of our commitment to environmental activities now and into the future. The TG 2050 Environmental Challenge sets ambitious targets of reducing CO2 emissions and water usage in our business activities, ultimately approaching zero. We are also continuing our Plant Afforestation Activities globally to support the earth’s environment. So far, we have planted a total of 290,000 trees in 25 locations worldwide. This effort has been recognized with placement in the top 20 in Japan for 10 consecutive years in the Nikkei Environmental Management Survey.

To develop people and workplaces that suppor t our business, we established the TG Learning Center in January 2017. The TG Learning Center will serve as a focus of our efforts to develop personnel who can act globally. As our wo rkload increases with the global expansion of our business, we will strive for greater efficiency as one part of reforms to the way we work, utilizing IT tools and eliminating waste from meetings, reports and other actitivies so that all employees can dedicate themselves to their primary business. We have also established the “Five executive conditions manifesto” for the creation of a culture where all employees can work with vitality and a sense of unity, free to discuss anything with each other. This change will be led by executives and managers. Employee health maintenance is another issue for management, and as a result of strong efforts to promote employee health we were selected as a “2017 Outstanding health management corporation” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

To build livable communities, employees at TG Group companies a round the world are making efforts to contribute to their communities and grow together with strong local roots. The foundation for all of these activities is compliance. To maintain the trust of society as a company of integrity, we believe not only legal compliance but high ethical standards by each and every one of our employees are crucial, and we will continue to educate employees throughout the Toyoda Gosei Group.

We will do our utmost to contribute to sustainable societies globally through our business activities, and grow together with the societies where we make our home. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and communities.