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Capitalizing on our knowledge in the fields of rubber and plastics and our experience in new business development, we have built an engineering network that is finely tuned to the current trends for CASE, carbon neutrality, and the SDGs, and can respond flexibly.

Knowledge in the Fields of Rubber and Plastics

Three-pronged development system of materials, design, and process methods

By conducting materials development, design, and process development in-house, we can deliver high quality products at reasonable prices.

  • • Development of materials with a superb balance of quality and cost using our rubber and plastic material formulation technology and kneading technology to mix those materials.
  • • Design know-how to make the best use of material characteristics and raise product performance.
  • • Development of various types of process technology with more compact equipment to produce products that have a low environmental impact, high quality and low cost.
Product exampleHigh pressure hydrogen tanks

Toyoda Gosei makes one of the three tanks used in the second generation Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). These tanks are a crucial component of FCEVs.

  • (1) Development of a plastic tank material with a special molecular structure that prevents the permeation of hydrogen
  • (2) Selection of the best material (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) to make the pressure resistance layer thinner
  • (3) Designing a way to wrap the plastic tank with carbon fiber reinforced plastic to increase strength
  • (4) Shorter processing time and fewer defects by reviewing the welding method for the plastic tank

Leveraging our know-how in materials, design, and process methods, we increased the storage efficiency by more than 10% compared with the high pressure hydrogen tanks in the first generation Mirai.


Experience in developing new businesses

Under our company creed of "Boundless Creativity and Social Contribution," we have had many successes over our 70-year history of quickly anticipating the needs of the times in areas such as safety and the environment, and developing suitable products. These experiences form the basis for our mindset of taking on challenges, as set out in the TG Spirit. We treasure this mindset that has been passed down to us by our predecessors, and will continue contributing to the development of society through our efforts to address social issues.

World firsts
  • SRS curtain airbags
    SRS curtain airbags
  • Blue LEDs
    Blue LEDs
  • Emblems compatible with millimeter-wave radar systems
    Emblems compatible with
    millimeter-wave radar systems
  • Lightweight opening trim
    Lightweight opening trim
  • Plastic fuel filler pipes
    Plastic fuel filler pipes
New initiatives for social issues
Medical care and health
  • e-Rubber
  • UV-C LED
    UV-C LED
  • High pressure hydrogen tanks
    High pressure hydrogen tanks
  • Power devices
    Power devices
  • Re-S eco-brand
    Re-S eco-brand

Global Network

Technology development network that covers major automobile markets

We support speedy vehicle development with close cooperation between locations outside Japan and Toyoda Gosei World Headquarters in the areas of technology, development, and production technology, which enables us to respond to vehicle development at automakers' locations around the world.

Toyoda Gosei Europe, Toyoda Gosei (China), Toyoda Gosei Asia, Miwa Technical Center, Kitajima Technical Center, Toyoda Gosei North America, TGR Technical Center, Toyoda Gosei Technical Center India

Integrated handling from development to production

We are involved at every step, from product planning and design proposals to material development, engineering, and high quality production, to flexibly meet the needs of our customers.

  • Planning design

    Planning design

    Envisioning the future products that will guide our technology.

    Thinking beyond next generation vehicles is the foundation for Toyoda Gosei’s planning design.
    Together with market research, we quantify the level of “delight” felt by users.
    We then design the products desired by users and bring them to reality with Toyoda Gosei’s original technologies in rubber, plastics, and LEDs.
    These products are then presented to manufacturers.
    Looking to 2030 and beyond, we aim to create new products from our advanced technology that will be the future of Toyoda Gosei.

  • Development


    Solving problems to achieve ideals.

    The creation of products with new value is the mission of development.
    We tackle issues in creating new products by combining development of mechanisms
    and circuitry that give products new functions and performance together
    with materials technology to create the best materials right down to the molecular structure for each product.
    Through the sharing of ideas and taking a multifaceted approach, we make products with high added value.

  • Design


    Infusing the user's perspective into our products.

    We take a design image and transfer it to our technical drawings.
    Toyoda Gosei pursues two things in design: manufacturing efficiency and user ease-of-use. Take a cup holder, for example. We devise a shape and structure so that it can hold all sizes of plastic bottles. A comfortable and safe vehicle comes from always keeping the focus on the user.

  • Assessments


    Theoretical performance prediction and phenomenon analysis.

    CAE for virtual prediction and assessment from CAD data without making an actual product.
    Experiments that assess and analyze actual phenomena using physical "things." Phenomena are theoretically elucidated from CAE and experiments and reflected in product design.
    Our assessment technology that enables a detailed understanding of physical properties from the material development stage is a major reason that customers choose Toyoda Gosei.

  • Production preparation

    Production preparation

    Bringing high quality quickly and surely to the market.

    The work of production preparation starts from the design stage.
    In parallel with decisions about product shape and materials made during design,
    we consider and simulate the molding machines, dies, materials, and processing conditions that will be used.
    Hole position and temperature control for the injection of plastic materials into dies strongly impacts product appearance and performance.
    Our aim is to start production and reliably produce good products as soon as design drawings are completed.