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With the company creed of “Boundless Creativity and Social Contribution” we aim to achieve both economic and social value by contributing to the realization of sustainable societies through the growth of our company.

In order to achieve our 2025 Business Plan, we are working on materiality items that are of high importance to us and to which we can make a particular contribution, from among various social issues, including social forecasts and SDGs, which are envisioned based on the changing business environment.

Materiality Identification Process
STEP1 Selection of materiality candidates

Issues to be considered are identified (59 items) by sustainability advocates appointed from related divisions, with reference to social issues, market and social trends, GRI standards, SDGs, materiality of other companies, and other considerations

STEP2 Evaluation/analysis of materiality candidates

Analysis and evaluation based on importance to Toyoda Gosei (management philosophy, management capital, interactions with competitive advantages and strengths) and importance to stakeholders (contribution to social issues, promotion of ESG activities)

STEP3 Validity evaluation by management

The validity of materiality is evaluated by interviewing outside directors, executives, and investors regarding the material issues identified, including specific processes

STEP4 Materiality identification

Selection of priority themes through deliberation by management bodies

STEP5 Review

Review of initiatives tied to company policies, confirmation by the Sustainability Meeting, and regular review of materiality

Materiality (Key Issues)
Materiality (Key Issues)

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