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With “Boundless Creativity and Social Contribution” as our company creed, we aim to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our growth by achieving both social value and economic value.

In order to realize the vision for the company and the delivered value set forth in the 2030 Business Plan, we have designated and worked on several key areas as “materiality” where we can make a particular contribution from among various social issues, such as social forecasts and SDGs, taking into consideration the hanging business environment.

Materiality Identification Process
STEP1 Selection of materiality candidates

Selection of issues to be considered by sustainability implementation members with reference to social issues, market and social trends, GRI standards, etc.

STEP2 Evaluation and analysis of materiality candidates

Analysis and evaluation based on our materiality and the materiality of our stakeholders

STEP3 Assessment of appropriateness by management

Interviews with outside directors and others on identified material issues, including identification processes, to evaluate the appropriateness of materiality

STEP4 Identification of materiality

Selection of priority topics to be addressed through deliberations by the Management Council

STEP5 Review

Review of initiatives linked to corporate policies, confirmation at Sustainability Council, and periodic review of materiality

Materiality Identification Process
Materiality (Key Issues)
Materiality (Key Issues)

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Materiality (Key Issues)

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Medium- and long-term (2025, 2030) KPI and targets have been set for key sustainability issues (materiality), and discussions are being held in Sustainability Meetings on the state of progress and issues to be promoted.

Material issues are selected based on opportunities and risk with consideration of societal challenges and megatrends.