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Third-Party Assessment

The Toyoda Gosei Group has gained consistent recognition for its Group-wide environmental activities. The Group will increase its activities for further improvement based on these assessments.


Toyoda Gosei acquires leadership level ranking by CDP

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has been rated at the Leadership level*1 (A−) in the two categories of Climate Change and Water Security in a company survey by the CDP,*2 an international not-for-profit environmental organization.

The company’s efforts in setting higher than previous medium- and long-term CO2 reduction targets, formulating action plans, steadily reducing CO2 emissions and water usage and waste, and actively disclosing information based on TCFD*3 guidelines led to this ranking.

Toyoda Gosei was recognized for the fifth consecutive year in the Supplier Engagement Rating Leaderboard of the highest-rated companies for formulating supplier environmental activity guidelines to reduce CO2 over the entire supply chain, the company’s information disclosure on Scope 3*4 emissions, and other efforts.

  • *1 Four levels are set for the CDP evaluation results: Leadership A, A−; Management B, B−; Awareness C, C−; Disclosure D, D−
  • *2 A not-for-profit organization (NPO) established in 2000. It is operated with support from institutional investors in various countries and others. It surveys companies’ environmental activities and publishes the results. The annual information disclosure and evaluation process are widely recognized as the global standard in corporate environmental information disclosure.
  • *3 Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. A framework for disclosure of financial information related to companies’ efforts to fight climate change, and their effects
  • *4 Among greenhouse gas emissions over the entire supply chain, Scope 3 emissions refers to all indirect emissions excluding the emissions by the company itself (Scope 1) and emissions from things such as electricity and heat supplied by other companies (Scope 2). Scope 3 emissions include emissions from procurement of materials and parts prior to production, processing and transport of products after shipment, and disposal.

Toyoda Gosei Acquires SBT Certification for Decarbonization

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has acquired Science Based Target (SBT)*5 certification from the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi), a global partnership of environmental organizations, for content that is in accord with the Paris Agreement,*6 an internationally shared framework for combatting global warming.

The CO2 reduction targets Toyoda Gosei has set for 2030 are a decrease of 46.5% (compared with FY2019 levels) in CO2 emissions associated with the company’s production activities for Scope (scope of CO2 emissions calculations) 1 and 2, and a 27.5% decrease (compared with FY2019 levels) over its entire supply chain for Scope 3. These values were recognized as at or above the levels set in the SBTi, and certification was received.

Toyoda Gosei’s 2030 CO2
reduction targets
(Both compared to FY2019)
SBT criteria
Scope 1+2 −46.5%*7 −46.2% or more (1.5℃ level3)*8
Scope 3 (newly formulated) −27.5% −27.5% or more (WB 2℃ level3)*8
  • *5 Greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets based on scientific evidence. SBTi was established by four international environmental NGO’s, including the CDP, with the goal of working toward the achievement of these targets.
  • *6 International agreement that was adopted in Paris in 2015 and took effect the following year. It has an essential target of limiting the rise in the global average temperature to less than 2°C while pursuing efforts to keep the rise to less than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels
  • *7 2030 target: Achieve carbon neutrality with combination of renewable energy and other measures
  • *8 Indicates the level of reduction in CO2 emissions, with the meanings of limiting the rise in temperature from global warming to “less than 1.5°C” and “well below 2°C,” respectively.

Received the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Commissioner’s Award in the Energy Conservation Grand Prize

Toyoda Gosei received the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Commissioner’s Award in the Best Practices category of the FY2021 Energy Conservation Grand Prize (sponsored by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan).

Toyoda Gosei is strengthening its environmental measures to achieve Scope 1 and 2 carbon neutrality by 2030.

In addition to reducing energy use through the elimination of energy waste in factories, innovations in production technology such as downsizing facilities, and the introduction of energy-saving equipment, the use of renewable energy is being expanded, such as by installing solar power generation equipment. These changes and efforts to raise employee awareness through in-house lectures and other means resulted in a 22% reduction in energy consumption in FY2020 compared to FY2015. These various activities have been highly regarded.

On the right is Kazuhiko Nagao, Deputy Chief of the Carbon Neutrality and Environment Promotion Division

Received the Biodiversity Award at the Good Life Awards

Toyoda Gosei received the 10th Anniversary Special Award, the “Biodiversity Award,” at the FY2022 Good Life Awards sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. This award is intended to introduce activities and initiatives implemented throughout Japan that lead to “a lifestyle that is good for the environment and society.” The award commend outstanding organizations and individuals, and encourages their activities with the aim of realizing an environmentally-friendly society. Our efforts to realize biodiversity, based on our “30 by 30 Roadmap”*9 and including woodland maintenance, plant afforestation, biotope creation, and environmental conservation of Fujimae Tidal Flat, were cited for this award.

  • *9 A non-profit organization (NPO) based in the UK that seeks information disclosure on the kinds of efforts major corporations and cities in the world are making for climate change, water management, and other environmental factors, and conducts surveys and evaluations. Surveys are conducted with the endorsement of institutional investors. It is one of the ratings agencies most trusted by investors.

Front row, 7th from left is Kazuhiko Nagao, Deputy Chief of the Carbon Neutrality and Environment Promotion Division

Heiwacho Plant Biotope Certified as Ministry of the Environment Nature Symbiosis Site

A biotope*10 developed on company grounds was certified by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) as a “nature symbiosis site” that protects biodiversity.

This is certification by the MOE as an area where efforts are made to protect biodiversity on privately-owned lands. It will help to achieve the “30 by 30”*11 target adopted at the COP 15 international biodiversity conference in 2022, related to the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Heiwacho Plant (Aichi, Japan) biotope that received this certification was created in 2018 using a rainwater regulating pond. The aim was to give rare plants and animals in danger of extinction a place to establish themselves. Currently, an ecosystem with about 95 species of plants and animals has been formed.

  • *10 A space where plants and animals can live stably
  • *11 An initiative aimed at protecting at least 30% of the world’s land and ocean area by 2030

Recently certified Heiwacho Plant biotope

“Nature symbiosis site” certification logo

Certified as “Green Partner 2023” by the Forestry Agency

Companies and organizations that actively contribute to decarbonization through forest management sponsored by the Forestry Agency were certified as a “Green Partner 2023” in the “Forest Decarbonization Challenge 2023” system of awards and certifications.

Toyoda Gosei received this certification for forest management (woodland maintenance) in conjunction with local governments in its “Kimorino Sato” (Minokamo City, Gifu, Japan) and “Mutsumino Sato” (Shuchigun, Shizuoka, Japan) projects.

These activities contribute to protecting biodiversity and improving the CO2 absorption function of green spaces, while also serving as opportunities to raise the environmental awareness of employees and their families as they enjoy company events including woodland maintenance, wood crafts, and walk rallies. Toyoda Gosei is also creating products such as pen cases and business card holders that combine the wood from thinned trees in forest management and material remnants (steering wheel leather) generated in production processes.


Recognized as an Aichi Biodiversity Certified Company

Toyoda Gosei was recognized as a Certified Company under the Aichi Biodiversity Certified Company System for FY2022.

This is a system initiated in 2022 by Aichi Prefecture to certify companies that are implementing outstanding initiatives to facilitate corporate efforts to conserve biodiversity.

We were recognized for our native species conservation activities and surveys of living creatures at the Heiwacho Plant biotope, as well as our participation in the Fujimae Tidel and Cleanup Operation.

On the right is Kazuhiko Nagao, Deputy Chief of the Carbon Neutrality and Environment Promotion Division