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Shareholder Relations

We make every effort to raise corporate value and openly disclose information.

Business results and profits

Toyoda Gosei’s revenue in FY2020 declined significantly to 721.4 billion yen (11.2% decrease from 812.9 billion yen the preceding fiscal year), affected by decreased automobile production due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. At the same time, despite decreased sales due to the coronavirus, profits increased thanks to collective revenue measures and rationalization efforts by the entire Group, and a rebound from the loss on liquidation of our German production subsidiary, TG Meteor, in FY2019. Operating profit increased to 36.4 billion yen (103.9% from 17.8 billion yen the previous year), while profit attributable to parent company owners increased to 35.2 billion yen (213.6% from 11.2 billion yen the previous year). As a result, the dividend on annual surplus was 60 yen per share.The exchange rate was USD1 = JPY109 for FY2019, and USD1 = JPY106 for FY2020.

■Change in dividends
■Distribution for each type of shareholder
(as of March 31, 2021)

Holding first ESG briefings in the automobile and automotive parts sector

Our first ESG briefing for the automobile and automotive parts sector was held in April 2020, mainly for institutional investors. Our second ESG briefing was held in April 2021 with participation by about 130 people, and Toyoda Gosei explained its thoughts and efforts with respect to ESG. Our milestones for 2030 and activity plans for 2025 to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 were explained as environmental efforts where early focus is particularly needed. This deepened participants’ understanding of our activities.