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Stakeholders Relations

Relationships With Stakeholders
Stakeholders Declaration Communication
Customers We will provide in a timely manner products and services with quality and prices that satisfy customers, based on research and development and manufacturing technology that anticipates future changes.
  • CS/Business activities
  • Website
Shareholders, investors Our 2030 Business Plan clearly shows our medium-term management targets and strategic policy for sustainable growth.
  • Financial statements (4 times/year)
  • Financial results briefings (2 times/year),
    annual shareholders’ meeting (1 time/year)
  • Website
  • Individual meetings
  • IR tools (general reports, business reports)
Employees We respect the individuality of each person while at the same time increasing our collective strength through teamwork, achieving a vibrant corporate culture with meaningful work based on labor-management trust and mutual responsibility.
  • Intranet/in-house communications
  • Workshops
  • Engagement surveys
  • Central labor-management consultations
  • Departmental labor-management consultations
Suppliers Based on open and equal relationships with suppliers, we strengthen each other’s corporate cultures, strive for management innovation, and raise the collective Group strength.
  • Procurement activities
  • Procurement liaison meetings
Local communities We contribute as a good corporate citizen to development of the economy and society through business activities rooted in each country and community and social contribution activities.
  • Contributing to the community through business
  • Participation in volunteer activities
National and local governments, industry organizations We have built systems for strict legal compliance and thorough corporate ethics, and conduct our business activities with integrity.
  • Complying with laws/regulations
  • Participation in industry-academia-government collaboration projects
  • Participation in industry organizations