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April 24, 2001

New TG LED Optoelectronic Products

Toyoda Gosei Introduces a New Lineup of Blue and Green LED Lamps and Chips and Discounted Products, All with Greater Luminous Intensity.

Nagoya, April 24, 2001---Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., today announced the introduction of new TG LED (light emitting diode) optoelectronics that are 30% brighter than the current TG LED models. By improving both its LED crystallization processes and layer structure, the company was able to achieve greater luminous intensity in its blue and green, gallium-nitrogen-based (GaN) LED products. Toyoda Gosei began production of the new, brighter LED lamps and chips last fall and will be ready to supply them to clients on May 1, 2001. TG LED products that use flip-chip technology will be available after June 1, 2001

At the same time, Toyoda Gosei has added lower-priced LED products and will start selling them this May. By modifying their specifications and making these chips compact, TG has lowered its production costs and is able to offer the more economical products at prices 20% lower than present models. These lower-priced products also have the increased brightness that was achieved via the improvements to the TG LED crystallization processes and layer structure.