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September 22, 2017

Toyoda Gosei to Start Production of Automotive Parts at Saga Plant

Kiyosu, Japan, September 22, 2017: Toyoda Gosei ended production of LEDs at its Saga Plant in Kyushu, Japan at the end of September 2016. The plant will now be repurposed for automotive parts. Production of millimeter wave radar compatible emblems and airbag inflators, both products that contribute to vehicle safety, is slated to start in May 2018. Additional production lines will put into operation up to 2020.

Millimeter wave radar compatible emblems are special emblems that do not block the radio waves of millimeter wave radar used in automotive safety support systems. As autonomous driving technologies come into greater use, these emblems will be fitted on greater numbers of vehicles. The number of airbag inflators will also increase with growing airbag production as safety regulations become stricter in countries around the world. 

Outline of Saga Plant

Location: 9966-9 Kawako, Oaza, Wakaki-cho, Takeo, Saga Prefecture, Japan
Established: October 1991
Products: Millimeter wave radar compatible emblems
Airbag inflators
Production start: May 2018
Area: Land 79,000m2  Buildings 12,000m2
Investment: Approx. 3.5 billion yen
No. of employees: Approx. 50 (planned for end of FY2017)
Approx. 100 (planned for end of FY2020)
 Saga Plant
  Saga Plant


Millimeter wave radar compatible emblem Airbag inflator
Millimeter wave radar compatible emblem Airbag inflator


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