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January 11, 2018

“Supramolecular artificial muscles” will be introduced at robot development and utilization fair

Toyoda Gosei to Exhibit “e-Rubber” at RoboDEX

Kiyosu, Japan, January 11, 2018: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. will exhibit its “e-Rubber” at the 2nd RoboDEX technical exhibition for the robotics industry, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight on January 17-19. e-Rubber is a next generation rubber that moves with electricity and mechanical force.

Toyoda Gosei is using e-Rubber to develop artificial muscles for robots (soft actuators) as a next-generation source of motive power to replace electromagnetic motors, tactile/pressure sensors and motion sensors (soft sensors) that take advantage of the material’s softness and other applications. The aim is for practical use in robots for industry, healthcare and other fields to support aging societies.

The main material in e-Rubber is novel Slide-Ring Material* with a supramolecular structure. e-Rubber is characterized by light weight and high output, low energy consumption, quietness, softness, and fast response.

The Toyoda Gosei booth at RoboDEX will show videos and presentations on the characteristics and working principle of e-Rubber for easy understanding, and exhibit concept models for specific robotic applications in the future.


Toyoda Gosei booth

*Slide ring material is a polymer material that consists of nano-sized “necklace” supramolecules called polyrotaxanes. These molecules consist of polyethylene glycol linear polymers, cyclodextrin ring molecules, and adamantanamine stopper molecules. With a pulley effect that equalizes the tension between polymers through the free movement of cross-linking points that do not have knots, mechanical characteristics of high durability and low internal friction (reduced hysteresis loss) are achieved, something very difficult with conventional rubber.


Basic structure and working principle of e-Rubber

<e-Rubber の基本構造と動作原理>


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