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February 21, 2019

Toyoda Gosei to Exhibit e-Rubber at Sports Business Expo TOKYO

Kiyosu, Japan, February 21, 2019: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. will exhibit e-Rubber, its next-generation material for dielectric actuators and sensors, at the 2nd Sports Business Exposition held at Makuhari Messe over three days starting on February 27.

Using e-Rubber, Toyoda Gosei has been developing soft actuators as a next-generation power source in place of electromagnetic motors and soft, tactile/pressure sensors that take advantage of e-Rubber’s softness.

The company will show ideas to attach lightweight, soft Tough Sensors to sports shoes and other sporting goods for uses in many sporting occasions.


Main exhibits

 1. Sensing Technology
       Tough Sensors made of e-Rubber are resistant to impact, lightweight, and soft.
       They can be attached to sports shoes and other sporting goods for uses on many sporting

Tough sensors attached to shoe insoles

Used on many sporting occasions

2. Haptics
  Using e-Rubber, tough/soft sensations of things or surface
    unevenness sensasions are reproduced at distant location.
    (Being jointly developed with Keio University)

Vibrations (sensations) of a balloon with
water inside it are reproduced on the surface
of another balloon without water.

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