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January 27, 2021

Toyoda Gosei to Merge Group Companies in India for “TG One India”

Kiyosu, Japan, January 27, 2021: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. proposes to merge its two group companies in India, Toyoda Gosei Minda India Pvt. Ltd. (TGMIN) and Minda TG Rubber Pvt. Ltd. (MTG), to improve management efficiency in the Indian market, an area of focus in Toyoda Gosei’s medium-term 2025 Business Plan.

TGMIN’s Gurgaon Sales and Engineering Office was established and a new plant was put into operation in Gujarat in 2018 to strengthen the company’s operational structure. In addition, Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt. Ltd. (TGSIN) was made a subsidiary of TGMIN last year to pull together Toyoda Gosei’s organization in India with the aim of efficiently integrating operations nationwide. This merger marks the final step in Toyoda Gosei’s recent efforts to consolidate its business in India.

Through the integration of operations in cooperation with its joint venture partner in India, the Uno Minda Group, Toyoda Gosei will continue to grow its business in this emerging market.

Outline of TGMIN and MTG

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Name Toyoda Gosei Minda India Pvt. Ltd.
(surviving company)
Minda TG Rubber Pvt. Ltd.
Location Neemrana, Rajasthan, India Bawal, Haryana, India
Established April 2008 November 2014
Shareholders Toyoda Gosei 50.1%
Uno Minda Group 49.9%
Uno Minda Group 51%
Toyoda Gosei 49%
Products Safety systems, weatherstrips,
functional components
Functional components
Business network in India

Business network in India

❶TGMIN HQ (Neemrana Plant)
(Safety systems, weatherstrips, functional components)

❷TGMIN Gurgaon Office
(Sales, engineering)

❸TGMIN Bawal Plant
(Weatherstrips, safety systems)

❹TGMIN Gujarat Plant
(Safety systems, weatherstrips)

⇒ After the merger: TGMIN Bawal Plant 2
(Functional components)

(Interiors and exteriors, safety systems, functional components)
* Location: Bangalore, TGMIN owns 95% of TGSIN’s share.