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July 15, 2022

Weatherstrip manufacturer TG Zheng Ao moves to a larger plant in a new location

Toyoda Gosei Opens New Plant in Central China

Kiyosu, Japan, July 15, 2022: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. Group company Hubei Toyoda Gosei Zheng Ao Rubber and Plastic Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. (TG Zheng Ao) held an opening ceremony on July 13 to celebrate its move to new and larger plant.

Toyoda Gosei President Toru Koyama, participating in the ceremony online, said “With the establishment of this new plant we can meet our customers’ needs for production increases in central China. We hope to make a greater contribution to the regional economy through growth of the business as a company rooted in the community.”

TG Zheng Ao became a Toyoda Gosei Group affiliate when the Group invested in Hubei Rock*, an independent supplier of weatherstrips (automobile door and window sealing products) in Central China, in December 2018. Later, to handle the growing sales of weatherstrips in the same region, the previous plant was moved to a neighboring industrial park and expanded in June 2021. Productivity at the plant was improved by adopting a more efficient production layout.

*TG Zheng Ao and its predecessor Hubei Rock have a history of providing weatherstrips to Dongfeng Motor Corporation (one of China’s “Big Three” automakers) and other automakers, and it has become a core location for business expansion of the Toyoda Gosei Group in the Chinese interior.

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

TG Zheng Ao after move and expansion


Outline of TG Zheng Ao

Name Hubei Toyoda Gosei Zheng Ao Rubber and Plastic
Sealing Technology Co., Ltd.
Location Shiyan, Hubei, China
Established April 1995 (became Toyoda Gosei subsidiary in December 2018)
Capital CNY46 million
Shareholders Toyoda Gosei (China) Investment Co., Ltd. 60%
Hubei Zhengao Automotive Accessories Co., Ltd. 40%
Products Opening weatherstrips, door weatherstrips, glass runs, more
Land area
Plant area
Approx.14,000m→After move approx.60,000m2
Approx.17,000m→After move approx.34,000m2
No. employees 302 (as of May 31, 2022)