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July 28, 2022

Toyoda Gosei Formulates Development Plan for Digital Talent

Kiyosu, Japan, July 28, 2022: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. is accelerating the development of digital talent* to respond to the changing environment in the automobile industry and achieve sustainable growth into the future.

“Venture into innovation, new mobility” is one of the pillars of Toyoda Gosei’s 2025 Business Plan, and the company is leveraging its core rubber and plastics expertise to pioneer new business and CASE technologies. With the aim of propelling operational reforms through digital transformation (DX) and providing new value that will meet the needs of society, the company has set the targets of increasing digital talent over the standard level, the core employees to carry out daily business based on DX, to 270 people by 2025 and 400 people by 2030. In addition to hiring digital talent from outside the company, the company is establishing an in-house training structure to systematically develop digital talent.

Training for individuals selected from various workplaces started in January 2022, and 80 people with the titles of “digital architect” and “data scientist” had been certified by July. The company plans to accelerate these efforts, with DX experts hired from outside the company in a central role, and will establish an in-house human resources development cycle that includes general training as well as guidance and advice to promote these practices in each workplace.

* Toyoda Gosei has defined the following three categories of digital talent with reference to a model by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
(1) Digital architect: Well-versed in and can implement the latest cloud and other technologies.
(2) Data scientist: Can extract and analyze information from huge amounts of data, and reflect this in operational improvements.
(3) DX leader: Can direct digital talent and promote DX.

Digital talent development system