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October 05, 2023

Toyoda Gosei to Exhibit at Japan Mobility Show 2023

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Kiyosu, Japan, October 5, 2023: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. will exhibit at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, to be held from October 25 to November 5 at Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo, Japan.

Toyoda Gosei’s medium to long-term business plan, the 2030 Business Plan, envisions “a company that pursues the possibilities of polymers to contribute to a future of better mobility and living.” Through its business activities, Toyoda Gosei seeks to provide the values of safety, comfort, and decarbonization to society as a manufacturer specializing in the field of rubber and plastics.

The Toyoda Gosei booth will display the company’s technologies that support mobility in society and will enrich people’s homes and lives in the future, leveraging its expertise in polymers and other core technologies.

Toyoda Gosei will also participate in the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association’s “Tokyo Future Tour” that will give visitors the opportunity to experience the future, and “Startup Future Factory,” a business matching event with startups.

Toyoda Gosei to Exhibit at Japan Mobility Show 2023

1. Main exhibits at the Toyoda Gosei booth

1-1. Technology that supports mobility in society

Flesby BEV concept First exhibit

This concept is compact battery EVs around the year 2030 and shows the company’s vision for how Toyoda Gosei technology contributes to vehicle safety and comfort. The exterior features technology for autonomous driving such as a sensing function that detects the vehicle surroundings and a notification function that communicates with pedestrians and others through light and sound. The interior is equipped with technology to create a spacious cockpit. Operating functions such as the accelerator and brakes are consolidated on a long telescoping steering wheel, which can be retracted into the instrument panel during autonomous driving. Lap airbags are integrated into the seatbelts. This makes it possible for the vehicle to accommodate diverse riding postures, while also contributing to thinner instrument panels.





1-2. Technology that enriches people’s homes and lives

Microwave power supply

This next-generation, long-range wireless power technology is being developed in collaboration with Ossia Inc. and Space Power Technologies Inc. Power can be simultaneously sent to multiple electronic devices in separate locations without the use of cables, to achieve a seamless living space.

Microwave power supply

Perovskite solar cells First exhibit

These next-generation solar cells are being developed jointly with EneCoat Technologies Co., Ltd. They are thin and have high power generation efficiency. They are also more flexible than existing solar cells, which means they can be used on curved surfaces. This will contribute to the spread of renewable energy.

Perovskite solar cells

Foot pressure balance game First exhibit

This game lets visitors experience the FEELSOLE technology that visually represents foot sole pressure data from a pressure sensor made of thin, soft rubber (e-Rubber sensor) placed over shoe insoles. The company aims to use this technology in the healthcare field.

Foot pressure balance game

2. Participation in events put on by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (1st floor, West Exhibition Halls)

2-1. Tokyo Future Tour (experience the future)

WOSH portable handwashing stand

The WOSH washstand uses a Toyoda Gosei UV-C LED water purification unit to purify water internally, which is then reused. It can therefore provide water even in places where no water infrastructure is in place. It will be displayed in the “Emergency & Mobility” zone of the Tokyo Future Tour.

WOSH portable handwashing stand

2-2. Startup Future Factory (business mapping with startups)

Toyoda Gosei established a Corporate Venture Capital Department, a dedicated internal organization for corporate venture capital investments, in 2019. Since then, it has been collaborating with startups in a wide range of fields, including next-generation mobility and healthcare, and will participate in this event to explore new business possibilities.

3.Press briefing

A press briefing with the President of Toyoda Gosei will be held as shown below. All are welcome.

Date and time Thursday, October 26, 2023 11:45–12:00
Place Toyoda Gosei booth at Tokyo Big Sight (Halls 3 & 4, 2nd floor, West Exhibition Halls)
Presenter President and CEO Katsumi Saito