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April 02, 2003

Toyoda Gosei’s Four Automotive Business Units Earn QS-9000 Certification

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd

Nagoya, April 2, 2003 – Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. today announced that, as of March 20, 2003, all four of its automotive business units in Japan had received Quality System Requirements (QS-9000) certification. Developed jointly by DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors, QS-9000 is a set of quality system requirements for automotive suppliers that emphasizes continuous improvement, promotes uniformity, and reduces rework. The QS-9000 standard is based on ISO 9001, the generic international standard for quality systems established by the International Organization for Standardization, and contains additional requirements that are particular to the automotive industry.

Since Toyoda Gosei first received ISO 9001 certification for its Functional Parts Business Unit in February 1997, it has been enhancing its quality assurance systems throughout its worldwide operations. The company has been working simultaneously to obtain QS-9000 certification, in order to further elevate its quality standards to ensure product offerings that satisfy customers and earn a high reputation in the global market. Toyoda Gosei’s eleven overseas facilities have already been QS-9000 certified.

The four business units in Japan that have obtained QS-9000 certification are Interior & Exterior Parts Business Unit, Body Sealing Business Unit, Functional Parts Business Unit, and Safety Systems Business Unit.

[List of products manufactured at each unit]

Business Unit Products
Interior & Exterior Parts Business Instrument panels, side protection moldings
Unit Body Sealing Business Unit Weatherstrips
Functional Parts Business Unit Brake hoses, constant velocity joint boots, radiator hoses, nylon fuel hoses (with joints) 
Safety Systems Business Unit Steering wheels for airbag systems, airbag modules for driver’s seat, front passenger seat, as well as side and head air bags

Toyoda Gosei’s facilities in Japan and overseas are also planning to comply with the ISO/TS (Technical Specification) 16949 standard* within the fiscal year ending March 31, 2006, as the ISO-TS 16949 is expected to replace the QS-9000 standard. The current QS-9000 standard will be phased out, and will no longer be valid after December 2006.

* NOTE: While the ISO/TS 16949 standard will be based on QS-9000, it will also incorporate other quality standards used in the automobile industry in Europe, including VDA6.1 (Germany), EAQF (France), and AVSQ (Italy).

[History of ISO 9001 and QS-9000 certification at Toyoda Gosei]
February 1997: ISO 9001 for Functional Parts Business Unit
November 1997: ISO 9001 for Body Sealing Business Unit and Safety Systems Business Unit 
June 2000: ISO 9001 for Interior & Exterior Parts Business Unit
May 2002: QS-9000 for Functional Parts Business Unit and Safety Systems Business Unit 
March 2003: QS-9000 for Interior & Exterior Parts Business Unit and Body Sealing Business Unit

[QS-9000 certified overseas facilities (11 subsidiaries and affiliates)]
USA: TG Missouri Corporation, TG Kentucky, LLC, and Toyoda Gosei Fluid Systems USA Corporation.
Canada: Waterville TG Inc.
U.K.: Toyoda Gosei Fluid Systems UK Ltd.
Australia: Bridgestone TG Australia Pty. Ltd.
Taiwan: Tai-yue Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. and Fong Yue Co., Ltd.
China: Fuzhou Fu-Yue Rubber & Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Thailand: Toyoda Gosei Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
India: Metzeler Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.