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January 20, 2004

TG Vision 2010

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd

TG Vision 2010
Nagoya, January 20, 2004 – Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has announced TG VISION 2010, which reflects the management philosophy and the direction the company will take up to the year 2010. In an unpredictable business climate and rapidly changing industry environment, Toyoda Gosei considers reasonable profits and continued growth and expansion of its global enterprise imperative in order to satisfy stakeholder expectations. To that end, Toyoda Gosei developed a future vision to ensure that all members of the TG Group will effectively contribute toward those common goals.

“Back to the Basics, Build for the Future”
The corporate goals and strategies to the year 2010 will be implemented under the concept of going back to the basics in every aspect of company operations in order to build toward the future. As a global supplier of automotive and technology systems, the TG Group strives to achieve unrivaled customer satisfaction by offering products of exceptional quality. The Toyoda Gosei corporate strategy comprises the following three pillars: 1) Development of value- added vehicles; 2) Perfect and advanced manufacturing expertise that is built upon the basics; and 3) Enhanced systems for an optimal global supply network. The major objective of the future vision is for eight products, such as safety systems, body sealing, fuel tank modules, cockpit modules, exterior molding, functional components, highly luminous LEDs for automobiles, and LEDs for other uses, to be ranked in the top three worldwide by 2010.