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October 05, 2004

Development and Marketing of 1000mcd White LED

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd
Aichi, Japan, October 5, 2004 – Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd announced today its development of a 1000 mcd white LED, one of the brightest cellular phone backlight ever developed. The new product combines an improved TG blue LED with yellow phosphors to achieve the higher luminosity. The 1000 mcd value is obtained at a drive current 20 mA, with a smaller package size compared to the conventional standard. 
Toyoda Gosei intends to ship new chip samples to customers in October and to start mass production within this year. The new product is named TG White II and measures 2.8 mm (L) x 1.2 mm (W) x 0.8 mm (H) featuring surface mounting and side emission. The current-generation TG White Hi puts out 600 mcd and measures 4.7 mm (L) x 1.0 (W) x 0.75 (H). The new product is smaller, brighter, and lasts 1.5 times as long as the current product. 
Toyoda Gosei, a leader in LED innovation, is currently developing an even brighter 1,300 mcd product, which the company plans to debut in March 2005.