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December 27, 2005

Establishment of the Fourth Environmental Action Plan

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd
Aichi, Japan, December 27, 2005-Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., (president: Takashi Matsuura) announced today the establishment of the Fourth Environmental Action Plan as a guideline for the company’s environmental initiatives from FY 2006 through FY 2010. From FY 2006, Toyoda Gosei Group will promote development of new environmentally friendly products and technologies and manufacturing activities that do not generate waste. The details of the plan are as follows. 

1. Purpose of the plan
Since the First Environmental Action Plan of June 1993, Toyoda Gosei has actively promoted environmental conservation activities through the second (June 1996) and third (December 2000) plans. The company is now set to achieve all goals set forth in the current third plan.
Aiming at creating a society where sustainable development is possible, the Fourth Environmental Action Plan (FY 2006 through FY 2010) was designed by completely revising the previous plans to keep pace with the growing importance of harmonizing with the global environment and realizing a recycling oriented society. 

2. Themes and overviews of the activitie 



(1) Energy/Prevention of global warming

Development and design

Proactive planning and development of automotive parts that contribute to improving automobile mileage.

Production and distribution

Proactive promotion of measures to reduce CO2emissions during production and distribution.

(2) Recycling of resources

Development and design

Further promotion and expansion of the development of recycling technology and recycling design for improving the recyclability of automotive parts.

Production and distribution

Further promotion of effective utilization of resources toward a recycling oriented society.

(3) Environmentally hazardous substances

Development and design

Further promotion of management and activities to reduce environmentally hazardous substances.

Production and distribution

Promotion of emission reduction for PRTR*1 and VOC*2.

(4) Environmental management


Further promotion of environmental management in cooperation with affiliates and suppliers in Japan and overseas.

Social involvement

Support for and participation in social action and social contribution activities as a corporate citizen. Proactive presentation of environmental information.

*1: Pollutant Release and Transfer Register 
*2: Volatile Organic Compounds 

* Please see attached schedule for details. 

3. Principal goals
(1) CO2 emissions per sales volume: 8% reduction in FY 2010 compared to FY 2003 (consolidated)
(2) Waste reduction per sales volume: 5% reduction in FY 2010 compared to FY 2003 (consolidated)
(3) Four substances covered by environmentally hazardous substance control *3: Complete abolition of usage in FY 2007 (consolidated) [Except for exempted parts]
(4) Emission of substances covered by PRTR: 55% reduction in FY 2010 compared to FY 2000(unconsolidated)
(5) VOC emissions per sales volume: 50% reduction in FY 2010 compared to FY 2000 (unconsolidated)

*3: Lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium