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August 26, 2014

Toyoda Gosei develops Lightweight Plastic Water Pipes

Kiyosu,Japan, August 26, 2014: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has successfully mass produced integrally molded lightweight plastic water pipes with its leading-edge material and production technologies. It is the first time that they have been manufactured inJapanwith water-assisted injection molding. With the company’s advanced material technology to compound and mix apposite material for each product, the new plastic pipes display sufficient durability against coolants. The water-assisted injection forming method is a production technology to mold plastic pipes with three-dimensional curves while squirting water to produce hollows through the pipes. 

The development reduces weight by about 40% compared to conventional water pipes consisting mainly of iron or stainless steel. The new pipes with intricate curves also help downsize the engine room, whereas forming conventional metal pipes into such shapes would be unworkable. Moreover, the integral molding, a method to form plastics simultaneously into multiple pipes, brackets, and other peripheral components as a unified part, reduces the number of necessary components, thereby contributing to lower production costs.

The invention is loaded on the Lexus NX released in July 2014 as the coolant pipes for the intercooler of the turbocharger engine. Toyoda Gosei plans to expand application of its plastic pipes to wider range of nameplates across automakers. 

Plastic Water Pipes for Lexus NX

Plastic Water Pipes for Lexus NX

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