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December 10, 2014

Professor Akasaki and Professor Amano Receive Nobel Prize at Award Ceremony Today

Stockholm, Sweden, December 10, 2014: Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. extends heartfelt congratulations to Professor Isamu Akasaki (Nagoya University, Meijo University), Professor Hiroshi Amano (Nagoya University) and Professor Shuji Nakamura (University of California at Santa Barbara) on receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony today in Stockholm, Sweden.

This award demonstrates the high global valuation of and expectations for gallium nitride (GaN) blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which Japan led the world in developing and commercializing. LEDs are characterized by compact size, long life and energy efficiency, leading to their rapid adoption as backlights for computers and smart phones and as a source of lighting. They are promising for society as an energy-saving light source and their spread to other fields is certain to continue.

Toyoda Gosei began research on blue LEDs under the guidance of two pioneers in the field, Professor Akasaki and Professor Amano, and succeeded in developing the world’s first blue LED. By 1995 we were able to offer blue LEDs commercially. Our LEDs have among the highest performance levels globally and are used by many customers for liquid crystal displays in smart phones, notebook and tablet computers, as well as general lighting. We continue to develop our technology to achieve higher brightness and efficiency that will contribute to reduced energy use in society.

As a manufacturer of rubber and plastic automobile parts, we also feel a responsibility to contribute to environmentally-friendly vehicles, and plan to place greater focus on supplying LEDs for a larger number of the components used in automobiles.

As stated by Mr. Tadashi Arashima, President of Toyoda Gosei, “Today, Toyoda Gosei representatives have the honor of attending the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, and as a member of the pioneering team, we would like to express our joy in seeing Professors Akasaki and Amano awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. This occasion has renewed our determination to pursue the LED business with a spirit of responsibility and pride.

We at Toyoda Gosei offer our sincerest wishes for the continuing success of Professors Akasaki and Amano”.


Relationship between the two professors and Toyoda Gosei


Discussing blue LED research with Prof. Akasaki (2nd from right) in the early stage


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